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Hey there, I’m Marty.

I’m a degreed engineer. I’ve also worked quite a bit as a car audio installer both professionally and as a hobby.

I’m a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) installer. As an engineer I’ve built some pretty cool audio projects over the years, too!

My general personal beliefs regarding customers and helping others

What have I installed? Everything from CB radios, alarm systems, and of course audio systems in cars, trucks, boats, big rigs, homes, and even tractors. The most rewarding thing I received from it was not just the experience, but seeing how happy my customers were. A few stories comes to mind that really had a long-lasting impact on me.

Being able to use my creative nature and skills to help people get the best sound for their money and be happy really gave me a lot of satisfaction and pride.

Some years ago I ran a small side business to help pay off my student loan debt. It was a significant learning experience and I greatly appreciate the people I met and worked for from various backgrounds as I traveled.

Image for Gwinnett Mobile car stereo service business

My old business logo I designed myself for my former website. I even had custom polo shirts made! Interesting times.

A principle I lived by is that you have to treat people right and look out for their best interests.

And last but not least – I’m a car audio fanatic and always have been!

Image of Planet Audio amplifiers custom installed in Honda Accord with neon backlighting

Image of Marty's custom chip amp car amplifier

Some of my personal car audio projects I built. Left: 2 Planet Audio amplifiers housed in a custom amp rack with neon lighting hidden underneath a false floor panel. Right: a 7-channel car amplifier I built myself.

Getting great sound and customizing your system isn’t always easy (trust me on that!) – but it feels great to see and hear the results.

In the end shouldn’t it be about enjoying that music you love and having a great system you can be proud of?

About my site

My goal is to share my professional experience and knowledge in a way that helps YOU. I’d love to help you get the best for your money as well as share some info you can use for your own projects.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me if can help.