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Hey, how’s it going? I’m Marty. Welcome to my site!

I’m a real, small-town American guy ready to answer your questions and lend advice where I can.

My background & experience

I’m an engineer by trade and have additional electronics training too. I earned my knowledge with both professional car audio installation and my personal projects related to all sorts of cool audio stuff.

What have I installed? Everything from CB radios to alarm systems…and of course car stereos & amps in cars, trucks, boats, big rigs, homes, and even tractors.

I’m also a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP) installer.

Hard work and a passion for learning takes you places!

Image for Gwinnett Mobile car stereo service business

My old business logo I designed myself for my side business to help pay off student loans. Interesting times – with a ton of hard work, too.

Some years ago I ran a small side business to help pay off my student loan debt. It was a big learning experience. The people I met and worked for as I traveled around Georgia helped shape who I am today.

The most rewarding thing I received from it wasn’t money. It was helping people enjoy the sound they love and telling them “yes it can be done” instead of “no” like happens so often.

My personal beliefs about how to treat others

To this day, there are 3 basic principles I live by:

  • Treat people right. Everyone deserves the same amount of respect, rich or poor.
  • Look out for the other person’s best interests.
  • Sincerity, honesty, and fixing mistakes when you make them are critical.

I’m a car audio fanatic and always have been!

Example of Marty's personal car stereo projects & experience

Some of my personal car audio projects I built. Left: Two “old school” Planet Audio amplifiers in my Honda Accord in a custom amp rack with neon lighting. Right: a 7-channel car amplifier prototype I built myself.

Getting great sound and customizing your system isn’t always easy (trust me on that!). However, it feels fantastic to see – and hear – the results.

After all, shouldn’t you be able to have a system you can be proud of, that sounds great, and that you can afford?

I sure think so!

How I can help you

Thanks again for all your help. I stopped by a few audio shops today and was stunned at how little the sales reps knew. I truly appreciate your time and expertise.
Sam D.
Thanks for providing a great introduction and explanation on how to wire and set up an amplifier.

I made this site to help people accomplish their car stereo projects, make better buying decisions, and maybe even make a few friends in the process.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to contact me here if can help.


MECP and Auburn University logos for my credentials