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What is an AV receiver?

what is an AV receiver

Audio/video receivers (AV receivers, or AVRs) are a home stereo equipment item that make home theater audio and video system use possible for regular consumers. AV receivers normally off an all-in-one solution with a power amplifier to drive stereo or multi-channel speaker systems, additional audio features such as an FM/AM tuner and auxiliary inputs, and surround sound decoding where applicable. 

Some units also provide remote control convenience and digital signal processing (DSP) sound quality enhancements such as equalization, bass, treble, and time delay controls. Modern devices often feature direct digital inputs in the form of Toslink optical or coaxial in, HDMI, or others.

Note that while some AV receivers off video handling and switch, the general name receiver can also apply to audio-only units (especially older models) that do not provide video inputs or outputs. 

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