Car Audio Equalizers

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What is a car audio equalizer?

what is a car audio equalizer

An audio equalizer, also called simply an equalizer or EQ, is a device used to improve audio system performance by providing a way to attenuate or increase musical sound frequencies as needed among a number of frequency ranges called bands.

Vehicle audio equalizers can be one of two main types:

  1. Analog graphic or parametric equalizers installed separately or built into existing equipment. These work with low-level audio signals directly.
  2. Digital equalizers are implemented in software in head units or audio processors. These work with audio signals in the digital domain before they’re converted back to an analog signal to be amplified.

Simple bass and treble controls are a form of equalization too as they perform the same function. Graphic equalizers are one of the most common types and use a number of bands centered at a fixed center frequency. The audio output level at each center frequency can be increased or decreased in a limited range within each band.

Parametric equalizers work differently as they allow adjusting the center frequency slightly, allowing for more flexibility in some cases, although they typically provide a lower number of bands than graphic equalizers.

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