Automotive Head Units

This page contains sections & articles related to car stereos (automotive head units). 

What is an automotive head unit?

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An automotive head unit, often called simply a car stereo, a “radio”, or head unit, is an in-dash central audio or infotainment system that provide volume control and audio source selection. Car/vehicle head units typically provide outputs to drive car speakers directly or can be connected to a car audio power amplifier for additional power & volume.

Modern systems provide FM/AM or digital radio tuners, CD or DVD playback, audio cassette playback, wireless audio smartphone interfacing such as Bluetooth, and even video playback features. More complex units provide sound quality benefits such as equalization, speaker controls of various types, and expansion with other compatible add-on equipment.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) car stereos are considered head units as well, but generally the name is used for aftermarket consumer electronics.

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