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What is a car audio subwoofer?

what is a car audio subwoofer

Car audio subwoofers are very similar to home stereo subwoofer speakers in that they produce very low frequency bass. However, due to the limited voltage in most vehicles, most use a lower speaker impedance from 4 Ohms to 2 Ohms and even lower in some cases.

Additionally, as acoustic losses in a vehicle and road noise affect sound, many have much higher power handling ratings as well. Some models use a specially design to allow installation in the very limited space in a car or truck along with heavy duty speaker basket frames suitable for very high power systems.

Like home stereo subwoofers, most require a speaker enclosure (sealed or ported) for efficient audio and bass production. Car subwoofers are ordinarily powered by one or more dedicated audio power amplifier channels and limited to bass-only sound by use of a low-pass crossover filter.

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