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Marty Mcleod is an experienced electrical, electronics, and embedded firmware design engineer from a small town in Alabama. He has a passionate interest in audio, having enjoyed it both as a long-time hobby and during his work as a mobile electronics installer before earning a degree and working as an engineer professionally.

Creative do-it-yourself (DIY) projects have been a favorite of his for many years, having built and modified various unique audio designs, speaker systems, and car audio sound systems.


McLeod has professional engineering work experience in electronics design, from schematic entry to printed circuit board (PCB) design, prototyping/circuit assembly, and digital design development, including firmware design in C and assembly language.


Marty graduated cum laude with a bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering from the Auburn University College of Engineering. He also holds an associate degree with honors in Electronics Technology from West Georgia Technical College, and an associate degree with honors in pre-engineering from SUSCC.


Example personal projects

Custom 7-channel car audio amplifier
Car audio amplifier (internal view)
Car amplifier rack with neon backlighting
2-way 12dB/octave Linkwitz-Riley speaker crossover
12AX7 vacuum tube preamplifier with 12v to 260V power supply (based on this 2003 Silicon Chip magazine original design)
12AX7 vacuum tube preamp (internal view)
Single channel audio amplifier module (LM3886 based)
(PCB view)
Microcontroller-based LED voltage/turbo/temperature meter
(Rear view)
Microcontroller-based self-off power controller for isolated DC-DC supply
(Internal view)
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