Speaker Wire

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What is speaker wire?

example image of speaker wire

Speaker wire is a commercially available type of flexible wire used to deliver a powerful musical signal to loudspeakers. The conductive inner material is used with amplifiers, stereos, or audio video (AV) receivers, both with home stereo systems and vehicle audio. 

Speaker wire is very similar to other types of multi-conductor (stranded) wire along with a design and insulation material (often vinyl, PVC, or others) that make it well-suited for bending and being installed more easily.

Traditionally speaker wire has been made for many decades using pure copper conductors. However, due to the rising cost of the metal, copper-clad aluminum (CCA) wire is becoming more common. Wire sold for loudspeaker use is typically manufactured with 2 or more conductors paired together.

In most cases, wire manufacturers provide a polarity indicator such as a molded symbol, printed text or symbols, or wire color so the end user can easily use it as a reference for correct speaker positive or negative connections. This makes it simple to maintain the correct speaker polarity and avoid sound cancellation problems.

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